Tuesday March 18, 2014 - I will appear on CityTV's Cityline for their Chatelaine Episode, doing a segment a Spring Makeup Trend. (9am-10am). 

Friday March 21, 2014 - I will appear on CityTV's Cityline for their Fashion Friday Show, doing an audience makeover and answering viewer questions. (9am-10am).

Tuesday March 25, 2014 - I will appear on CityTV's Cityline for their Makeover Madness Show, doing an audience makeover. (9am-10am).




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Minute Makeup Moments

I've started a new thing call "Minute Makeup Moments", where I post 1min videos on Twitter of various things like makeup tips, new stuff I've tried and sometimes just a moment of time in my day! Check it out!FACE IT!


MAR. 22, 2011 - On set of Cityline at the Blogger Special talking to my fellow Beauty Bloggers

NOV. 30, 2010 - Buxom (Smokey Eye Kit) Demo with April Kalloo (Producer of Breakfast Television)

NOV. 22, 2010 - Amber MacArthur (host of Toronto's Webnation)

OCT. 13, 2010 - Carmindy (Makeup Artist on TLC Show "What Not To Wear") 

SEPT. 27, 2010 - Tracy Moore's (host of Toronto's Cityline) 1st day back to work after maternity leave

SEPT. 20, 2010 - Me and Tracy Moore (host of Toronto's Cityline) at a Chatelaine Magazine Photoshoot

SEPT. 14, 2010 - My First Minute Makeup Moment with Dina Pugliese (co-host of Toronto's Breakfast Television)


A couple of weeks ago, I was on on the "Ward and Al" Radio Show on Sirius XM Canada. They talked with me about many different topics, in regards to makeup and the beauty industry in general.

Listen to the interview here:



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Check out the article I wrote for Toronto's (April Issue) of On The Go Magazine on page 37, where I talk about this Spring's Makeup Trends. It's on newsstands now at TTC subway stations across the Greater Toronto Area!


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FAMOUS FAVORITES - Emmanuelle Chriqui


Emmanuelle Chriqui 


On June. 7th, the beautiful star from the hit TV show Entourage, Emmanuelle Chriqui stopped by the Breakfast Television studios for a chat.

Emmanuelle, who plays Sloan McQuewick on Entourage, showed up to the station makeup ready, so I didn't have to do a thing, but I thought I'd ask the television starlet, what she uses to keep looking her best. So, I asked my favourite question...what is her makeup must have?

She thought about it for a few seconds and then, like a light switched had been turned on, she perked up and said, "What I"ve been using for years and always works, is Voluminous Mascara  by L'Oreal in black"!

I'd just like to add, I have said MANY MANY MANY times, that Voluminous (Original) by L'Oreal is my absolute favorite mascara as well. So, I'm in good company...Lol!

You can find L'Oreal's Voluminous Mascara  in any local drug store. Better late than never!!!



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In the Spring 2012 issue of Revive Magazine, my friend Dina Pugliese not only graced the cover of the magazine but also has a 6 page spread inside promoting Canada's Got Talent!

Revive Magazine's makeup artist did Dina's makeup for this cover and spread, but even when I'm not physically present, Dina always manages to include me. Look at the glowing mention she gave me on page. 55!





And on the VERY next page, in the same issue, is a great article on my other friend, Tracy Moore the host of Cityline! The article is all about Tracy and how she balances work with her home life. It's a great read!

I did the makeup for this shoot!



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Are you or any young ladies in your life going to their prom this spring? Here's a piece I wrote on how to look like your favorite celebrity starlet for prom in the Feb/March issue of Verve Girl Magazine on stands now!



And here's a quiz in the same issue of Verve Girl Magazine with just a few sample questions from my iPhone App called Makeup iQ! If you don't already have...GET IT!!! You can find it in the App Store. Have fun while you learn helpful makeup tips!



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Here's my makeup in a picture taken at a shoot for Chatelaine Magazine, to promote Dina Pugliese's NEW show that she's hosting called Canada's Got Talent! It begins this Sunday March 4th at 8pm on CityTV!





Check out the makeup I did on Dina Pugliese (co-host of Breakfast Television) and the lovely shout out she gives me at the end, in the March issue of Flare Magazine on page 161! On stands NOW!






Here's some makeup I did on the lovely Tracy Moore (host of Cityline) for a shoot that's featured in the March issue of Today's Parent Magazine on page 46! On stands NOW!








Getting "CHEEKY" with Hello Magazine


Check out this piece I'm mentioned in about BLUSH and how to apply it, in Hello Magazine!!!




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It is with GREAT pleasure that I FINALLY present to you my iPhone App called "Makeup iQ"!!!!!  Yes, you read it correctly...I created MY very own iPhone/iTouch App called Makeup iQ!

I've been working on this app for many many months. It was truly a LOT of work (and that's putting it lightly), but I am sooooooo proud of it.

Makeup iQ is the 1st makeup app of it's kind. It's a quiz and makeup game mixed into one. Answer the skill testing makeup questions...the more answers you get correct, the more makeup and hairstyling you can apply to your model. The goal of this app is to help you learn more about makeup application, and have fun while you're learning.

Enjoy challenging yourself, trying to get a higher score with every quiz and sharing the model you've created with your family & friends by saving the picture and texting it, emailing it or posting it up on Facebook & Twitter. You can even make the avatar look like yourself and post it on Facebook & Twitter as your profile picture for fun!

Feel free to send me your scores and pics of the models you've created to my email: or send it to me on Twitter @TracypMakeup and I'll share it with the Twitter World with your name & score.

PLEASE spread the word about this app with EVERYONE you know! Once you're in the app, there's an email icon that you can hit at the end of the game, in order to send a pic of your model and a brief suggestion of the app to whom ever you email it to. I'm sooooooo proud of it! Let me know what you think of it and if you like it, please leave a GLOWING rating and comment in the Apple Store, but ONLY if you like it...LOL!!!


How much do you know about makeup? Take the test today!!!! What's your Makeup iQ ?


 To Download the app

Click HERE





Back in July, Carrie Fisher arrived in Toronto, to start a 6 week run of her one woman stage show Wishful Drinking  with Mirvish Productions at the Royal Alexander Theatre...GREAT show by the way! I was hired to do her makeup for her day of press for the show.

For those of you who don't know who Carrie Fisher is, she played the iconic role of "Princess Leia" in the epic Star Wars  Trilogy. She is also daughter to the 1950's Hollywood entertainers Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher.

The day started at 7am in her downtown Toronto hotel room. Me and the hairdresser got her ready in a half hour and then we were off to start the day. First stop was my home Breakfast Television, next stop was the Jian Ghomeshi Show. The day ended at the Royal Alexander Theatre, where 4 more television stations set up for interviews.

Throughout the day, Carrie regailed us with her humour and interesting stories. She liked my work and we got along so well, that 2 weeks later she requested my services for her NEW Jenny Craig TV commercial and print ads, shot here in Toronto.



The commercial is now on the air...keep your eyes open for it! To the left is one of the many pics taken that day by Jenny Craig for the before and after pics.


I found Carrie Fisher to be kind, hilarious and a GREAT story teller. She has the greatest sense of humour and it was a complete pleasure working with her.




Here are some behind the scenes pics from the set of the commercial.


I made sure to take the pic of me and Carrie below, for my brother...he is the biggest Star Wars  fan and he was completely JEALOUS!!!! Lol! 


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BEAUTY BLENDER now available on


This pink sponge is sent from above!!! The Beauty Blender is the latest hot trend to hit the makeup industry. Invented by Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, she knows what works best to achieve the perfect flawless finish.

The Beauty Blender applicator (sponge) has a smooth suede texture and rounded surface unlike the traditional triangular sponge with sharp edges that waste product and create visible streaks in the finish. This elliptical shape makes it easy to access the hard to reach areas, corners and creases on the face. Use the pointed end to reach areas like around the nose, mouth and under eye.



I find you get the best results when you use it damp. So.....




                                        Step #1 - Wet the sponge











 Step #2 - Squeeze out the excess water








Step #3 - Wrap paper towel around sponge and squeeze out the excess water again.





For any depressed areas or areas with pockets on the face, use the pointed end, stipple (dab) and twist. The bouncing motion of the stippling pushes the makeup into the curves and the twist blends out the edges!!!


 I use the Beauty Blender everyday on my clients Dina Pugliese (Co-host of Breakfast Television) and Tracy Moore (Host of Cityline) and they LOVE  the look it gives as well!!! I suggest you get the fingers to clicking and hurry up and get this sponge before they're ALL gone!



The great news is it's available here in Canada on the amazing beauty online store


Buy NOW by Clicking HERE



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Top of the Makeup Chain


In the September Issue of Chatelaine Magazine, I am quoted about one of my favourite makeup products......

A few months ago, I was contacted by Chatelaine Magazine to participate in their celebrated annual Beauty 100 List.  As you can imagine, I immediately and with great humility accepted the privilege. For any other makeup artists out there, you know what a badge of honour this truly is!

My opinion was asked on a bunch of my favourite products and why I love them. I've been excited & curious to see which favorite product of mine they picked from my list. Finally, drumroll please.....Here's what they choice!



I am truly honoured to be apart of this year's Chatelaine Beauty 100 List!  I hope to participate again next year! Hint...Hint...Hint!!!! Lol! Pick up your own copy and see what else is on the Beauty 100 List!


Check out Chatelaine Magazine Online:



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It's officially that time of the year...SUMMER!!!! Everyone is outside trying to tan or buying makeup to fake a tan. Everyone wants that bronzy sun-kissed skin.

Some of my favourite bronzers I like to use on my clients (NOT on myself because I was born with naturally dark skin) are:









CARGO'S Bronzer: it goes on smoothly and gives you a beautiful finish. They come in both a matte and shimmery finish.











CARGO'S Water Resistant Bronzer: Long wearing, weather-proof bronzer that's perfect for the hot weather










CARGO'S Coral Beach Blush: Even though it's a warm peach bronze color medley blush, I love to use it on my lighter skinned clients as a beautiful bronzer, because of it's subtle finish.
















MAC'S Bronzer: A lightly frosted tinted powder that gives the skin a natural glow.














CARGO'S Big Bronzer: A beautiful golden shimmery bronzer that gives the skin a sun kissed sheen.









CARGO'S Multi-Mix Bronzer: A beautiful liquid bronzer that you mix with your favourite liquid foundation! What's amazing about this product, is that you control how much bronzer you want to add.






TIP: You don't have to apply bronzer to your entire face, you can apply it to the areas where the sun naturally hits your face ie: cheekbones (start on the apples of the cheeks in a circular motion & work outwards to cheekbones), nose (lightly sweep the bronzer on each side of the nose) and chin (dust the bronzer quickly over the chin area).

So, there's a few of my favorite bronzers that I always keep on stand-by.

What are your favourite bronzers?


Go up to the menu bar and click on "GLOSSIP" and tell us what you use when you want that sun-kissed glow!!!







Ivanka Trump


The absolutely GORGEOUS Ivanka Trump, came to CityTV to promote her campaign with Magnum Ice Cream on Breakfast Television and Cityline on May 12th. She blew through the station so fast, so when I say I only had a minute to talk with her, I LITERALLY mean a minute!


She initially came first onto Breakfast Television, and was brought up to the makeup room for a minute. We were quickly introduced to each other by a Breakfast Television producer and then they spent the next minute talking about what she was going to do in her segment. So, there was no time to get much out of her at that moment. But I don't give up!!!

I had a quick talk with her makeup artist and she told me they had to leave after the segment right away to do more press with other media, but would be back for Cityline. So, I waited to catch her then. What I do for my readers!!! Lol! She came back for Cityline and I caught her while she was waiting to go on. I asked her what her makeup must haves were and the first thing out of her mouth was TIGI Bed Head "Big Fat Fun Eye Liner" Brown color.

The next thing she said was, "I love to use Estee Lauder to cover up the circles under my eyes"! Ivanka gestured over to her makeup artist and said "What's the name of that concealer I love by Estee Lauder"? Her makeup artist pulled it out of her makeup bag and this is what she showed me. Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Camouflage Makeup for Face & Body SPF15.


I didn't have much time with Ivanka, but in that one minute I did have she was very kind and accommodating.


So, now you know how to get the beautiful look of the lovely Ivanka Trump!


Follow Ivanka on Twitter @IvankaTrump





CityTV Beauties in Blue


The lovely ladies from CityTV Toronto (above on the left) Dina Pugliese, co-host of Breakfast Television and (above on the right) Kathryn Humphreys, sports anchor for CityTV News, were asked to pose for the Blue Jays Catalogue. I ONLY did makeup on Dina, because I had already done her makeup earlier on that morning for Breakfast Television, so I did a quick touch up on her and then she went off to the photoshoot.

Kathryn was already at the shoot, and had been done by another artist. Dina told me, when she got to the location, the makeup artist that was there didn't do anything to her. (I'm good...Lol)!!!!!




 For a BEHIND-THE-SCENES video of the actual photoshoot, click  





Vicky Binns aka. "Molly Dobbs"


On April. 14th the excitement was in the air, with the awaited arrival of the British actress Vicky Binns (who plays Molly Dobbs) on the wildly successful British Soap Opera Coronation Street!!!!  I am a HUGE fan of the show, and every year around this time, I have the pleasure of meeting actors from the show, who come to Toronto for The British Isles Show.

When Vicky entered the makeup room, I smiled widely and exclaimed with enthusiasm "MOLLY"!!!!  (Oh, yes I did)! She giggled (I'm sure she's heard that many times) and extended her hand to me. We exchanged pleasantries and talked about her time here in Toronto and brief visit to Nova Scotia. Then we got down to the good stuff...Coronation Street! Ahahahahahah! 

In the pic below, is Dina Pugliese & Vicky playing around doing their best version of the infamous Soap Opera "Surprised" you just found out your husband is having an affair "LOOK"...and speaking of affairs, back to Corrie St.

*Quick Corrie Street Synopsis: Vicky's character "Molly" had an affair with her husband's "Tyrone" best friend "Kevin" and now she's pregnant with "Kevin's" baby! It gets better, "Kevin" is like "I don't want this baby, get rid of it" and "Molly's" like "Nah uh, I'm having it"! And this whole time poor "Tyrone" has no clue what's going on.....DRAMA!!!!!! Juicy, right?

So, I joked telling her how annoyed I am with "Kevin", and if he tells "Molly" to get rid of that baby one more time I'm gonna flip! Lol! She surprisingly says to me, "Well you're one of the only people who are on my side. Most people I meet are upset with "Molly" and say she's a slapper" (British slang for trollop). Lol! We continued to joke around about her character's situation on the show and then I thought I should get to some makeup talk at some point.



I asked her what her makeup must haves were and she told me she loves Max Factor's Pan Stick Ultra Creamy Makeup...that's quite a mouthful! She went onto say what her favorite lipgloss was, but she couldn't remember the name. She said it's from MAC, it's a coral color and it has a funny name. Right away I guessed "Lychee Luxe" and she said "Yup, that's it"!!!



I was so happy that I got to do her makeup from scratch, and here's what I used!



SKIN: Vasanti Concealer V1 (under eyes) & Kett Airbrushing Foundation on entire face. To set: C4 & C6 Studio Fix by MAC

EYES: MAC "Vanilla Eyeshadow" (Brow Bone), "Corduroy Eyeshadow" (Crease), "Brule Eyeshadow" (Lid), "Mystery Eyeshadow" (Lower Liner) & L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara 

CHEEKS: MAC "Dame Blush"

LIPSJoe Fresh Lipgloss "Petunia" mixed with "Flamingo"


Vicky was a complete pleasure to be around and do makeup on. I've been a fan of Coronation Street for years and I think I just found my NEW favorite character...Molly!!!!




Elisha Cuthbert


Today on Breakfast Television, the former 24 TV Show starlet Elisha Cuthbert was a guest. She was on to promote her NEW TV sitcom show, Happy Endings to premiere on April. 13, 2011. Elisha arrived to set with her makeup already done beautifully, she only needed me to do a quick touch up and give her lips.



She asked me for a pinky sort of color, so I knew right away what to give her. I pulled out the tried, tested and true VASANTI Lipshine, called "Flores".  It's a gorgeous flirty pink, with an amazing shine. She loved it right away, saying "It's Perfect"!!! She liked it so much that she asked me what it was and where she can get it. I told her the name of it and that it could be bought in Shopper's Drug Mart.

I then asked her what her makeup must have was and she quickly said, MAKEUP FOREVER'S HD Powder.  Me being familiar with MAKEUP FOREVER'S HD  Line, I enthusiastically agreed!!! I went on to ask her, if she had anymore favorite's and she said she loved the JOE FRESH Makeup Line, especially the lipstains. I too can vouch for this line and their products. I have been a fan of JOE FRESH products for a while now (particularly the lipglosses)!




So, Elisha Cuthbert is not only beautiful, but a proud Canadian supporting fellow Canadian Makeup lines like JOE FRESH and hopefully she's ran to her nearest Shopper's Drug Mart to support another Canadian line VASANTI, by picking up not 1 but 2 of the "Flores" Lipshines!!!




Stephen Harper


On March 11, 2011 - Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper took over the CityTV Building when he appeared on Breakfast Television. When I say took over, I mean took OVER!!!

The morning began with security scoping out the building, hours before he even arrived. They checked every floor of the building, every exit to the building, basically getting to know the building. The station was crawling with them.

Then there was a knock on the makeup room door. A very official guard asked for permission to enter the room. He pulled out this device that seemed to be a detector of some sort. He then proceeded to INSPECT EVERYTHING...every drawer, every cabinet, every closet, the bathroom, every nuck and cranny, he even inspected UNDER the makeup counter.  Just when I thought he was done, he turns to me to ask what makeup I was going to be using on the Prime Minister! I showed him and he examined that TOO!!!! What he was looking for, I have NO CLUE!

After he was done, 2 more men entered the room. One stood guard at the door in the hallway and the other was assigned to sit in the room with me! After my questioning the 2 men about what they were doing babysitting me, I learned that they were police officers and they were stationed with me because apparently before the Prime Minister enters a room, there must be an armed guard already in it! Well, you learn something new everyday!

Stephen Harper finally arrived (with 3 more armed guards) and he reached out to shake my hand. He sat down and I started to do his makeup. I didn't get a chance to say much, because the whole time he was in my presence, the guards were holding him in conversation that I just had no business joining in on. LOL!

After I was done his makeup, I was asked if they could have the makeup room to themselves to talk in privacy. So I left! I learned from the guard in the hallway because the room was searched thourghly that means the makeup room was deemed safe, so that was a good holding place for him.

So, there's my experience with the one and only Prime Minister, Stephen Harper! It wasn't much of a makeup story, but it certainly was a good story! :)





FLARE MAGAZINE is a very well respected Canadian Fashion Magazine, that I have been reading for years. So, I am very proud to say that, I wrote my very first piece for FLARE ONLINE. It's called BEAUTY BASICS: The 5 Top Makeup Tips Every Woman Needs To Know!


Check it out! 






I was contacted by the good people at Flare Magazine, to inquire about what I use on Dina Pugliese (Co-Host of Breakfast Television) for the show. So, here's Dina's interview and my mention in the article. It's this month's April edition, page 94 on newsstands NOW. Check it out!